Tuition is suspended until further notice. Meanwhile, visit to locate a tutor near you.

What is Good Faith?

Good Faith Education Support Service was founded in 2004 as a non-corporate, for-profit, independent educational support service. We sought to undo the negative effects learners incur in schools from their unnatural age-based grouping of students. The excited wide-opened eyes of new or young students are often quickly dulled into joylessness after a few years of schooling. We sought to rekindle that lost passion for learning.

Private Tuition Suspended

Formerly based between Stafford and Birmingham in Walsall, we offered one-to-one private tuition on a limited basis in History and Sociology, from GCSE to A-level to university undergraduate, with a QTS-qualified teacher. This service is now suspended until further notice

GFESS began in Ohio as a supplementary school start-up and development service to help clients navigate official rules and regulations. After relocation to England, tutorial services were added on steady offer to GCSE, A-level, and university undergraduate students. These services are now suspended until further notice.

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