Formerly based between Stafford and Birmingham in Walsall, we offered one-to-one private tuition on a limited basis in History and Sociology, from GCSE to A-level to university undergraduate, with a QTS-qualified teacher. This service is now suspended until further notice

GFESS began in Ohio as a supplementary school start-up and development service to help clients navigate official rules and regulations. After relocation to England, tutorial services were added on steady offer to GCSE, A-level, and university undergraduate students. Face-to-face services are now suspended until further notice.

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Dear Friends and Tutees,

The past few weeks have been difficult. We all feel a sense of anxiousness for the future of our planet and humanity. Beyond the impact of the economic tidal wave from quarantine lockdowns, we miss visiting with our family and friends and seeing them in person. While physical distancing may lessen our chance of getting infected with COVID-19, many of us are experiencing forms of bereavement over the loss of our routines and gatherings. Churches, mosques, synagogues and temples have closed in addition to schools and universities, with most moving to online instruction. But we really miss socializing in person with people we have known and interacted for years.

Please remember there is light at the end of this very long tunnel. Humanity will persevere. This pandemic is not permanent – it will mutate into a likely milder form by Summer of 2021. Every human generation has had its periods of overwhelming challenge, including ours. 

We are open for online consultation and/or online tutoring. Fortunately, we have fairly strong Wi-Fi. However, the office has been closed, so just send an email rather than dropping into our office.

Stay safe and healthy. Better days are coming next year. Let us do what we can to not infect others and seek refuge in God from our selves.

Health in our time,  Robert

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